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Restlet in Action Developing RESTful web APIs in Java

Restlet in Action Developing RESTful web APIs in Java

RESTful Java
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   REpresentational State Transfer, better known as REST, is the architectural style that governs the web's request-and-response resource model. The open source Restlet Framework provides a simple, powerful Java-based API to implement RESTful web applications that supports and integrates with technologies such as Atom, Jetty, JSON, Spring, GWT, Google App Engine, and Android.    Restlet in Action gets you started with the Restlet Framework and the REST architecture style. You'll create and deploy applications in record time while learning to use popular RESTful Web APIs effectively. This book looks at the many faces of web development, including server- and client-side, along with cloud computing, mobile Android devices, and semantic web applications. It offers a particular focus on Google's innovative Google Web Toolkit, Google App Engine, and Android technologies.    The book takes you though a comprehensive presentation of Restlet's main features, including subjects like security, testing and automatic documentation. You'll learn while following the typical Restlet development process, with consistent illustrations based on a sample RESTful email app.

Table of Contents   
Part 1: Getting started   
1. Rethinking web development - FREE   
2. Designing a RESTful web API - AVAILABLE   
3. Beginning a Restlet application - AVAILABLE   
4. Deploying a Restlet application on premises - AVAILABLE   
Part 2: Getting ready to roll out   
5. Producing and consuming Restlet representations - AVAILABLE   
6. Securing a Restlet application - AVAILABLE   
7. Documenting and versioning a Restlet application - AVAILABLE   
8. Enhancing a Restlet application - AVAILABLE   
Part 3: Further usage possibilities   
9. Deploying a Restlet application in the cloud   
10. Using Restlet in browsers and mobile devices   
11. Embracing the semantic Web   
12. Looking beyond this book   
A. Installing Restlet   
B. Testing tools   
C. Reference tables   
D. Additional help