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Beginning Google Maps API 3

Beginning Google Maps API 3

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   This book is about the next generation of the Google Maps API. It will provide the reader with the skills and knowledge necessary to incorporate Google Maps v3 on web pages in both desktop and mobile browsers.    It also describes how to deal with common problems that most map developers encounter at some point, like performance and usability issues with having too many markers and possible solutions to that.

Chapter 1: Introducing the Google Maps API   
Chapter 2: Transferring from Version 2 to 3   
Chapter 3: Creating Your First Map   
Chapter 4: Taking the Map Further with MapOptions   
Chapter 5: X Marks the Spot   
Chapter 6: Marker Icons   
Chapter 7: InfoWindow Tips and Tricks   
Chapter 8: Creating Polylines and Polygons   
Chapter 9: Dealing with Massive Numbers of Markers   
Chapter 10: Location, Location, Location   
Appendix: API Reference